8 Sneaky Ways to Save $50 Each Month


Looking for easy ways to have extra $50 every month while doing nothing? Look no further because I’ll show you how to do that. $50 might not seem like a big money, but if you weren`t born with a silver spoon in mouth, it can still help you to pay your rent or bills. Today, the advertisement works greatly and it often makes us buy what we don`t really need for comfortable living. If you think that having more money means only working more, you`re wrong. It`s much easier to spend less instead. Here are some simple tricks to help you save $50 monthly without working harder:

1. Give up expensive habits

Most people have habits like drinking coffee, eating out, buying fast food, drinking, smoking and partying too much. All these habits cut a serious piece out of your budget. Once you give up expensive habits, you`ll save even more than 50$ a month. Not only will you save some cash, you will improve your health as well. Drinking a cup of coffee once a week is okay, but not 5 times a day.

2. Don`t waste things

Don`t start a new tea pack if something remains in the old one. Don’t buy tons of foods when you know you won’t eat them. Don’t throw away your leftovers, unless you feed stray dogs. There are many delicious ways to use any leftover. Use water and electricity wisely as well. You may feel like a granny when doing it but, beyond the shadow of a doubt, you`ll be surprise at the amount of money saved at the end of each month.

3. Shop at the back

Try to go to the back of the store next time you go shopping. The statistic shows that almost every store has sales at the back of it only. It`s reasonable for shopkeepers. Not every client has time to go to the back of the store. But now you know what to do. It’s a simple way to save $50 or so each month, isn’t it?

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4. Your task is to ask

Whenever and whatever you`re going to buy, at first ask yourself whether you really need it or not. That extra pair of expensive 50% off shoes is really worth buying. It`s a rare chance, but do you really need those heels when you already have a few pairs at home? You can spend this money on something more useful or simply to save those bucks for rainy days.

5. Transport

One of the healthiest and most effective ways to save money every month is to consider the way you move around the city. If you have a car, it takes a huge part of your budget every day. If you use public transport, the spendings are lower but there`s a way to avoid them at all. Try walking or bicycling. This way, you’ll have more extra money and stay slim and healthy at the same time.

6. Write a shopping list

Write down everything you need to buy before you go shopping. It`ll prevent you from buying unnecessary things, not to mention you won’t forget to buy what you need. The system of grocery stores and supermarkets is built the way to attract clients and make them buy more and more. Write a shopping list to cut your grocery bill.

7. Prioritize splurges

Everyone likes splurging from time to time and it`s not a crime, of course. However, it`s better to prioritize what things are worth your money and what isn’t essential. Celebrities inspire us to splurge and live a luxury life. If you can afford it, then why are you reading this post? If you live from paycheck to paycheck, saving $50 can help you solve your financial problems. Prioritize splurges is a smart way to do it.

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8. Wardrobe issues

You probably have many old clothes that you’re not going to wear anymore. Why not sell them? You won`t earn a lot but it`s still an income. If you don’t want to sell, then revamp your favorite pieces. There are many simple and stylish ways to give your old clothes a brand new look. Don’t be lazy, start crafting!

Saving money is easier if you know these tips but anyway you`ll need to practice saying NO to some of your usual needs. Everyone can save $50 a month, unless your paycheck is $50. Get into a habit of saving more to spend more on more wonderful things. Do you think it’s possible to save $50 each month? Are you a savvy shopper? Feel free to share some of your best tips with us.