Survival Mode: Why Girls Should Have These Change Jars


No matter where you live, you definitely face financial problems once in a while. One day you spend the whole day shopping. The next day you are at low-water mark. It’s okay, on the one hand, because you live in the present moment and make yourself happy however you can. On the other hand, you are slowly, inch by inch, ruining your stable future. Now that the holiday season is almost here, you need even more bucks for gifts, parties and food. I’m not suggesting that you completely tighten your belt, but having a change jar can change your situation and make your holiday season easier on your wallet. I have a few jars for different purposes. Here’s what change jar you can create today:

1. Jar for good deeds

Want to make this world a happier place to live in? Create a jar for good deeds. You can spend these saved coins on food for stray animals or homeless people or give them to a local hospital or shelter. Or you can simply buy and plant a tree. Whatever kind and useful thing you’ll decide to do, a jar for good deeds may come in handy.

2. New Year jar

New Year is a few months away but saving for it starting today is a smart decision. This way, you will start a new year with a full jar of money – okay, these coins are not big money but still money – that you will invest in one of your new year’s resolutions. When others go broke in the beginning of a new year, you will feel rich and mighty.

3. Gift jar

The holiday season means a lot of gifts. Gifts means a lot of money. What’s the way out? Create a change jar to save some cash for gifts for your family and friends. A gift jar isn’t for Christmas only. It can be for Valentine’s Day or friend’s birthday. With a gift jar, you don’t have to worry about running into debts because of unexpected coworker’s birthday.

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4. Educational jar

This change jar can be for you or your kids. Education is expensive these days. Many young people can afford a college and a university right after a high school so they start working to make ends meet. If you have a child, start saving for their education today so that your offspring could get a diploma in future. If you want to get a higher education, consider having an educational jar.

5. Travel jar

Traveling broadens our horizons but it also drains our wallets. If you can’t afford to visit your favorite place, you can make your dream come true by creating a travel jar or a vacation jar. Call it whatever you like – the purpose doesn’t change. Of course, you won’t be able to save a lot for your trip even in a few months, but you can start saving a little today to have enough sum next year.

6. Dream jar

Whether you want to buy a new fridge or a new smartphone, having a dream jar means you are one step closer to your dream. Even though it takes more time to save for your dream rather than simply use your credit card, knowing that you will be able to buy it in a few months without going into debt and paying interest is a fantastic feeling. Small savings add up faster than you think.

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7. Rainy day jar

In case you don’t have a jar for rainy days yet, I strongly recommend you to have one. You never know what will happen tomorrow. I hate to say it, but car accidents and diseases don’t ask us when they can occur. They just occur and all we have to do is to cope with them… and we can’t handle them without money. Having a rainy day jar is great for when bad and good things happen.

Just because you don’t have a big paycheck doesn’t mean you can’t save. I’m a big fan of change jars because it’s an unnoticed way to save money that many of us ignore. A little saved each day adds up by the end of the month or year. Take time to make a cute change jar today to have a simpler tomorrow. Get into a habit of accumulating small coins from your wallet and purse into each jar equally at the end of each day or week to make sure your jars are not empty. Do you think a change jar is an effective tool to save money?