10 Reasons Your Best Friend Makes More Money Than You


You work hard and collect a decent paycheck regularly. However, the amount you earn seems to be no match for what your best friend makes. There are many possible reasons for the gap between your salaries. Here are ten reasons your best and relatively rich friend makes more money than you:

1. They are an extrovert

If your pal is outgoing and likeable, that could be a major factor in his or her high earnings. Studies show that extroverts tend to make more money than their shy counterparts. Try brightening up your personality and you could earn more cash as well.

2. They asked for a raise

Sometimes the secret to earning more money is simply asking for it. If you have noticed a new television in your best friend’s home or a new car in the driveway, a recent raise may be responsible. You might be able to get an increase in pay as well. Just schedule a meeting to discuss it with your supervisor or boss.

3. They invest in the stock market

Investing in the stock market is not the right choice for everyone, but some people do very well with their investments. Your pal may own stocks in several profitable companies. Consult a financial adviser to see if you could benefit from purchasing a few shares.

4. They know how to score great deals

Some people appear to earn more when they really just get more for their money. Your best friend may shop at discount stores or use online coupons. Scout out some fantastic deals for yourself. You might be surprised at how much stuff you can buy at low prices.

5. They are trained for a high-paying job

Certain jobs simply pay more than others. If your pal makes more money than you, it may be due to the position he or she holds. Some fields like veterinary medicine and environmental engineering are particularly lucrative at the moment. A little more education and training could be your ticket to a higher salary.

6. They have more experience than you

A person’s experience can have a big impact on his or her income. Your best friend might have worked for years in a specific position and that could be the reason for particularly large paychecks. Do not be discouraged if you are not making as much in a similar field. You may just have to work your way up.

7. They have multiple sources of income

There is always the possibility that your pal has sources of income you do not know about. For example, he or she may regularly sell possessions online or take money from a family member. Since you do not have access to the bank statements of others, you never really know where anyone’s money is coming from.

8. They have a wealthy spouse

You might think your best friend earns more money than you, but that huge bank account could actually be due to a wealthy spouse. Once both sides of the relationship pool their money, it can be tough to pinpoint where every dollar came from. In other words, a person’s wife or husband could really be responsible for the family’s riches.

9. They are not saving anything

While you may be saving for retirement or your child’s future, your pal may not be as smart about finances as you are. When someone isn’t putting away any money each month, it leaves a lot more cash to spend on all the latest gadgets and gizmos. If that’s the situation with your loved one, it probably will not turn out well later on.

10. They do not make as much as you think

As much as you would like to believe your best friend is being completely honest with you, there is a chance that he or she could be lying about money.  Some people try to create the appearance of wealth when they are really drowning in debt due to credit cards and loans.  That might not be the case with your pal, but you just never know.

It is only natural to compare your income to the pay of those closest to you. If you do not seem to be pulling in the same high salary as your best friend, it could be due to a variety of reasons. These explanations may calm your feelings of jealousy and help you focus on improving your own income.