9 Tips to Cope with Being Poor in Your Group of Wealthier Friends


Earn less money than your friends? It`s not always easy to spend free time with wealthier people. You may feel ashamed of being the poor one but that doesn`t mean that you should stay away from wealthier friends. If you are true friends, your budget shouldn`t prevent you from keeping in touch. However, you probably feel uncomfortable when you can`t afford something they can, so here are some tips to help you cope with being the poor one in the group of rich friends.

1. Don`t expect them to pay for you

You should never use your friends as a source of money. They don`t have to provide you with everything needed as they`re not your parents or your partner. If they are rich, it doen`t mean they have a lot of extra cash but even if they had it still wouldn`t be yours and you have no right to spend it. If they want to present you with something or buy you something, that`s not a problem but you shouldn`t take it for granted and expect them to pay for you every time you hang out together.

2. Tell the truth

When you`re invited to visit an expensive night club but there are some other plans for your cash, tell the truth. Tell your friends that you can`t afford it and skip that party. Don’t feel ashamed about it. If you lie, you`ll be treated like a liar. Don`t invent an illusory reason why you can`t join them. Truth is always better than any sweet lie.

3. Never borrow money from your friends

If you have any difficulties and are sure that you`ll get money later then you can ask a friend to borrow some. But it shouldn`t become a habit. While it`s not a problem for rich people to share some cash with you, it`s a big problem for you to cope with huge debts. Don`t exaggerate your opportunities and try to be financially independent.

4. Help them

Yes, you may be poorer than your friends but you can have some other advantages as well. You are definitely better at something that they are. Help them to come up with their problems. That`ll make them forget about the amount of money you have and they`ll treat you as a real friend. After all, we can`t buy a true friendship therefore you need to show your value without any cash.

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5. Don`t pretend to be rich

When you are part of rich friends it’s tempting to pretend to be rich too. Don’t do it, though. Pretending is never a good option in any situation. Sooner or later, everyone will find out your true financial situation and they will avoid you not because of your budget, but of your lie. Mind what you can effort and don`t cross this limit. A true friend won’t judge you for the lack of money.

6. Look for frugal activities

If someone is rich it doesn`t mean that they always spend tons of money on expensive activities. Suggest your friends some fun yet budget-friendly activities that won’t wreck havoc on your budget. There are some free events in every city where you can go together. Consider having a picnic or simply spend a day in the park.

7. Plan your outings carefully

Plan your outings carefully when you`re in the group of wealthier friends. It`ll help you to avoid unexpected spendings thus you won`t have to borrow money from your friends. Try to arrange something cheap that you can afford. If your friends are going to spend a week on Oahu, don’t run into debts to join them – either save or skip. Let your friends know that you need several months to save for this trip.

8. Try to spend less

When traveling, hanging out and working with rich people, don’t follow their example. When you dine out together, you shouldn`t order the same expensive meals, look for some cheaper ones. Count what you can afford adequately without going too far in getting into debts to show your financial capacity. Just be yourself and they`ll accept you the way you are if they are true friends.

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9. Don`t try to keep up with them

The truth is not everyone is lucky enough to be born rich. Don’t jump over your head if you have less money than your friends. Rich people are lucky but richness shouldn`t be the decisive factor. You are kind, smart, fun and generous without a big wallet and these traits make you a great friend so don`t worry about how much money you have.

Are the poorest among your friends? Don`t worry! You`re a good person and the amount of money you have doesn`t mean anything. There`s no need to pretend that you`re rich and you should try to spend only what you can afford not to get into debts. True friends will never judge you by your financial situation unless you`re not trying to use them. What difficulties do you face as the poor one in your group of wealthier friends?