7 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Handbag


If you are going to splurge on an expensive bag, buy the one that you will be able to wear daily without regretting your choice. While it is best to choose a bag according to your body type, I break the rules and buy the bags I love. If you are not anything like me, read on and find out how to buy your perfect handbag that you will love forever.

1. Don’t double up

Gone are the days when women bought giant bags to tote a host of necessary and unnecessary things. You do not need tons of things during the day, so rethink your toting habits and invest in a medium-sized handbag. Having a moderate amount of belongings to carry is much better than weighing yourself down and then suffering from shoulder or back pain.

2. Consider your body type

Depending on your body types, there are a few bags that you should avoid at all costs. If you are petite, it is recommended to avoid large bags, shoulder bags and backpacks. Tall and thin women should avoid shoulder bags, especially those with a short strap and oversized bags.

Tall and broad women will love wee handbags. Are you plus size? Stay away from too small bags – bigger ones will help you balance out your curves. Whatever bag you choose, make sure it does not ruin your body shape.

3. Consider your lifestyle

Not every woman can afford to purchase several handbags for different events. Before you splurge on your bag, consider your lifestyle. If it is consist of work days mostly, look for structured bags, which are suited for work and look ladylike. If you lead a night lifestyle, pick some clutch. Tuck under your arm and party all night long.

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4. Backpacks are versatile but not for you

Call me a backpack hater, but I still believe backpacks are for hikers, schoolchildren and college students. Unless you are a tourist, do not waste your money on backpacks. Look for messenger bags instead. They are as versatile as backpacks, but look much more fashionable.

5. Versatility is priority

Switching a bag with every outfit is mostly possible for celebrities and rich women. Unless you are one of them, invest in a handbag that will go with most of your clothing pieces.

White, black and brown are versatile colors that go with anything you wear. The size and shape are important too so think twice before you swipe your credit card to buy that cute handbag.

6. Bright little bag is a must

Why bright? Why little? Because this bag will make you look chic even when you wear your old jeans and boring white tee. Pastel pink, bright red and fierce orange are all perfect little handbag color choices.

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7. Price matters

When you live paycheck to paycheck, splurging on expensive bags is a bad idea. Although expensive bags are better, cheaper ones are not worse. There are tons of bags these days, so if you shop smartly, you may end up finding a high-quality handbag at discount price. Do not shop online. You have to see and touch your bag before spending your hard-earned money.

We need bags to tote the essentials. But often we make huge mistakes when buying those bags. Follow the tiny pieces of advice mentioned above and hopefully you will finally find your perfect handbag you will wear for years. What is your bag choice?