10 Surprising Ways The Internet Can Save You Money


The Internet can be a great tool for living a budget-friendly lifestyle. If you want to save more money or simply do not earn enough to buy everything you need, a little online research might be in order. Here are a few unexpected way to save a few dollars when shopping online.

1. Research before you shop

You will find better deals if you check online first. Even if you are going to a physical store to make the purchase, you can see which store has a better price before you even leave the house.

It is also a good idea to look at the reviews for the product you are interested in. It may not be as great as you thought, or there could be a better model available.

2. Watch DIY videos

Many of the minor repairs around the house can be done by the homeowner. You can save money by finding how-to videos online and then using your newfound knowledge to do your own repairs. There are even videos on how to do regular maintenance on your car and home appliances, so you can skip hiring a handyman or mechanic.

3. Find online coupons

Many stores allow you to use coupons on your phone, but you can also print them out at home. Always check to see if there is a coupon available online before you purchase anything. You could end up saving quite a bit of money.

4. Register online with your favorite stores

When you sign up with your most frequented stores, you are more likely to get exclusive coupons. You will also find out about sales before they occur so you can plan your shopping accordingly.

5. Get discounts and deals on travel options

Before you plan your vacation, take a look at what deals and discounts are available online. You could end up with a half price trip if you come across the right offer.

6. Pay bills online

Most bills allow you to pay online now and this can save you gas money or postage, depending on how you usually pay. Some companies even offer incentives for setting up this type of payment system, so ask before you start online payments.

7. Get coupon codes for your online purchases

Any time you are buying online, you should consider leaving your virtual cart without checking out for a day or two. Chances are, you will get an email to remind you about the waiting items and it usually includes a coupon code to save you money. As long as you are not in a rush, this technique can save you money.

8. Make money from your purchases

Look for rebate sites that allow you to do your shopping through them and get cash back. There are quite a few sites like this, so do some research to find the ones that have the stores you use most often.

9. Get free shipping

Want to buy something from a chain store online? Find out what their minimum purchase amount to get free shipping, or choose the ship-to-store option.

With the first choice, you can join up with others to make a purchase that will qualify for the shipping discount. However, if you choose the ship-to-store option, you will be able to pick up your purchase for free at the nearest store.

10. Read online

You can find most newspapers and many magazines online. Reading on a screen is just as simple as reading a paper copy, but it is free. Try adding the Kindle app to your phone for no charge and you can download thousands of books that are listed for free on Amazon.

You can save a considerable amount of money by simply using your Internet service correctly. Many online savings are overlooked by people and hundreds of dollars are left on the table. Use it wisely and you will have more money to add to your savings account.