10 Ways to Enjoy a Luxury Life on a Tight Budget


Ah, a life of luxury. It is what many people dream of but simply cannot afford. While you may not be buying a Bentley anytime soon, that does not mean you can’t indulge in the best that life has to offer. With a bit of ingenuity and some planning, you can enjoy a variety of luxuries while still respecting your financial boundaries. Here are just some of the ways to live a luxurious lifestyle on a budget.

1. Buy smaller

You might not have the funds to buy large quantities of your favorite designer perfume or even name brand shampoo. On a budget, save up and purchase smaller quantities of these coveted items. While you may not have enough for day-to-day use, you can still break out your favorite luxury brands for a night out.

2. Create your own spa

A luxury life is relaxing, but regular massages and spa treatments add up. Create a home spa with homemade facial scrubs, bubble baths, and cucumbers for your eyes. Can’t afford an hour-long massage? Try seeking out a massage school where you can indulge in a Swedish massage at a fraction of the price you are used to.

3. Choose travel dates carefully

Believe it or not, even on a tight budget you may be able to afford a getaway. Travel on off-peak travel days, such as a Tuesday afternoon. You can also save money on a trip to an exotic location if you are willing to book last minute flights.

4. Shop last season’s styles

Want a designer top or a pair of expensive jeans? Trying having a bit of patience. Waiting just 3 to 6 months will almost certainly mean steep discounts on inventory that remains when the new season’s fashion needs to hit the racks.

5. Shop smart

Discount websites offer extraordinary prices on excess inventory or older styles, often including luxury brands. High-end purses, shoes, and dresses are commonly sold at large discounts. Sign up for email alerts for these sites and you can buy your favorites even on a budget.

6. Collect rewards

When you want to travel in luxury, the thought of staying in a budget motel is less than appealing. Collect reward points with a credit card or frequent flyer program. Over time, you may be able to cash in your points for not only first-class travel but also hotel upgrades.

7. Consider rentals

Did you know you can rent more than cars? Designer purses can be rented online for a few weeks at a time. As long as you return the item in good condition, you are not on the hook to pay for it and you can enjoy a bit of designer arm candy for a while.

8. Splurge at the grocery store

If you can’t afford the neighborhood hot spot for dinner, you can still create a similar experience at home. Buying quality meat and other ingredients from the store will always be cheaper than getting it in a restaurant. Add some candles and fresh flowers, and you have an upscale experience in your own dining room.

9. Consider store brand

Some of your favorite name brand cosmetics and other toiletries have virtually the same ingredients as store brands or generic versions. Buy your favorite soaps or body scents in the name brand once, then switch to the generic brand and pour it into the designer bottle. No one will be the wiser and you can still enjoy a very similar product. Even generic champagne may taste just as divine as the luxury brand.

10. Improve your time management

A part of living in luxury is having time for lunch with friends or truly laze around on the weekend. Be diligent in your time management habits so that you have time to enjoy a late brunch on Sunday afternoons or spend time walking the beach.

Living a life of luxury does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Figure out which parts of a luxury lifestyle are most important to you, and invest in them wisely.