7 Ways to Earn More Money While Working Full-Time


Regardless of where you live, you probably, like the majority of us, suffer from lack of money. Having a full-time job is great, but oftentimes it does not bring the money you need to live a trouble-free (not luxury!) life. This is why it is always a good idea to have a backup plan. Here is how you can make extra money today despite working full-time.

1. Be a freelance consultant

If you have been working in a certain field – be it law, accounting, programming or management – for many years already, why not share your knowledge and experience with others? A freelance consultant is an easy part-time job that help many people earn extra hundred dollars each month.

2. Consider DJ-ing

Are you a music junkie who spends nights listening and dancing to Djs? Why not become a DJ yourself? Not only will you save on entertainment, you can make even more money than your full-time job offers you. Bartending is another option to think over, albeit do not expect to earn tons of bucks.

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3. Be a translator

Whether online or in real life, translators earn up to $40 per hour. A few hours a day will be enough to make extra cash for your dream vacation destination or that designer bag. Take advantage of your bilingual skills to help others and increase your monthly income.

4. Consider typing jobs

You do not have to have excellent typing skills in order to get a part-time typing job. There are many employers who are looking for people who can help them complete a typing project. You can become one of them. The only thing to keep in mind before getting the project is that you will must stick to a certain deadline.

5. Become an online tutor

Online tutors typically boost their income by helping people from the other countries to learn languages, law or any other subject that they need for entering a college or university. No matter where you live, you can help students from Spain, China, France or USA and get your money via PayPal. What can be easier?

6. Take a full advantage of your hobby

Have fantastic baking skills? Why not sell your own bread, cookies, or cakes? Love to create cute jewelry pieces? You can sell them online and earn pretty much money. You can also sell sewed garments, if you know at least basic sewing techniques. The possibilities are endless.

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7. Be a creative writer

There is a big difference between a creative writer and an ordinary writer, especially when it comes to money. Creative writers make up to $100 per article, while ordinary writers get only $10. Creativity is not a gift. You can develop and use it to your full advantage. There are many websites for writers like Fiverr, Weworkremotely, Upwork, iWriter, Freelance Writing Gigs and many more.

In a modern technology age, earning extra cash is no problem anymore. Once you figure out how to make those extra bucks, you will be able to improve your financial situation in a matter of a few months. If you have any other ways to boost income while working full time, let us know in the comments.