10 New Ways to Make More Money in 2020


Most of us could use a little extra cash to pay for items such as vacations or trips to restaurants. You may even be dreaming of your first home or a brand new car but cannot foresee a way to raise enough money in the near future.

Thankfully, there are many weird and wonderful ways to raise extra money to supplement your current income. The following list gives 10 ideas on how to make more money in the coming year.

1. Ask for a raise

If you believe you are worth more than your current salary, then why not ask to be compensated for your hard work? You will need to be able to demonstrate to your employer exactly why you deserve a raise and what you will offer in return. Even if your boss says no, they may advise you on what you have to do to earn a raise in the near future.

2. Turn your car into a moving billboard

Why not turn your car into a mobile advertising platform? Companies such as Auto Wrapped will wrap your car in a commercial for local advertisers and pay you up to $400 a month just to drive around. You can even sign up to their free car scheme.

3. Sell your body

If you need cash in a hurry, why not sell yourself? Although receiving money for donating blood is now illegal, selling your plasma to companies, such as CSL Plasma is perfectly legal and could earn you $300. Fertility clinics are willing to pay up to $8,000 for a woman’s eggs and $100 for sperm.

4. Turn your hobby into a business

Those who enjoy spending their spare time baking, crafting or simply just walking the dog can earn money from their hobby.

If you enjoy crochet, macramé or any other type of arts and crafts, then why not sell your creations on a website such as Etsy? Dog walkers are always in demand, and you can put up posters or leaflet your local neighborhood to find clients.

5. Rent out your parking space

If you live in a densely populated city, then why not rent out your parking space? An underground garage located in Soho, New York leases parking spaces to tenants for a whopping $1 million. Those that live close to a stadium, train station or airport can charge up to $20 a day to let a stranger park on their drive.

6. Become a mystery shopper

Mystery shoppers are paid to visit retail stores, bars, restaurants and other establishments and report back to the owners on the quality of customer service they receive. Companies usually pay around $10 for each visit and will reimburse you for any expenses.

7. Rent out your spare room

If you have a spare room in your house that is slowly gathering dust, why not take in a lodger to make some extra cash? There are plenty of websites online where you can advertise your room to potential tenants. If the idea of a full-time roommate does not appeal to you, consider renting your room for just a few days at a time.

8. Become a guinea pig

Medical volunteers are always needed to participate in clinical trials, and some clinics are willing to pay up to $2,000 for each trial. Some studies are only open to those with a specific condition, but others are willing to take on any healthy volunteers.

9. Start tutoring

If you know how to do something well, then why not hire out your talents? You can offer private lessons in cooking, dancing, dog training or even public speaking. Teaching English as a second language can also earn you extra money.

10. Change your employer

If you have been in the same job for a number of years, then other companies may be willing to offer you more money to join their team. Companies are always on the lookout for dedicated, experienced employees that can demonstrate a solid work record.

Making small changes to your lifestyle can also help you save a substantial amount of cash. Catching the bus to work instead of taking the car or swapping luxury brands for more economical versions will also make a huge difference.

Keep an eye out for coupons and free vouchers in your local paper, or join a website, such as Groupon to get money off on a variety of goods and services.