5 Tricks to Save Your Hard-Earned Cash on Valentine’s Day


When looking for the ways to save money on Valentine’s Day, you can find lots of useful tricks, including DIY cards, DIY decorations and cheap date ideas. However, there are a few other sneaky ways to save some cash. The idea of saving money on the day of love doesn’t sound romantic, but, hey, who said we should spend the entire paycheck on gifts and romantic dinners in order to show and share our love? Valentine’s Day is highly overrated these days and people run into debts without realizing that a true love doesn’t require money. Sure, I can only speak for myself here, but I think we can celebrate Valentine’s Day without money at all. Here are a few tips to try. This year, wow your partner without wrecking your budget!

1. Make your own romantic dinner

There are many benefits of making your own romantic dinner. You can cook many healthy and diet-friendly meals to avoid eating your way to weight gain. You can cook your partner’s favorite meals and you can bake delicious yet diet-friendly Valentine’s Day cookies. It all depends on your cooking skills and creativity. As an added bonus, you save lots of your hard-earned cash when you make your own romantic dinner. Going out to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day is never a cheap experience.

2. Skip decorations

Okay, you make your own romantic dinner, but what about Valentine’s Day decorations? If you have a lot of time and patience, opt for DIY decorations. If you don’t have time for crafting, skip decorations. Dimmed lights, two candles, soothing music and tasty dinner will be enough to create a romantic atmosphere.

3. Go for a midnight walk

Walking is good for your health, and walking after a romantic dinner is good for your waistline. I know, I know, we are not talking about weight-loss tips now, but if you worry about those extra calories you are going to consume during your romantic dinner, a midnight walk can be a win-win solution. Plus, walking in the moonlight is so romantic that it’s hard to skip this idea. Grab your hot cocoa and enjoy walking with your sweetheart. It’s actually a great, cheap date idea, don’t you think?

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4. Make your own gifts

Valentine’s Day has become increasingly commercialized in recent decades. People spend huge amounts of money on flowers, chocolates, valentines, gifts and restaurants because they think they must do it. In fact, don’t be one of them. Make your own gifts to show your partner how much you love them and care about them. They will appreciate your gift, as well as your time and efforts. If you can knit, consider knitting a scarf or sweater for your partner. You can also draw a portrait of your man, write a love letter or create anything you can.

5. Avoid shopping on Valentine’s Day

If you don’t want to end up getting into debt late in the day, avoid shopping on February 14. There are many cute Valentine’s Day things you may want to buy once you see them, so avoid temptations, stay home and make a romantic dinner instead. Do your wallet a favor and you will wake up on February 15th feeling great!

There’s nothing bad about saving money on Valentine’s Day. We often let the romance of Valentine’s Day blind us. We spend too much money on flowers, chocolates, candies, red hearts, jewelry, restaurants and other expensive things. But we forget the most important thing – money can’t buy a true love. Remember it when planning your Valentine’s Day celebration. Do you use any other tricks to save money on Valentine’s Day? Share them with us, please.