5 Ways to Train Your Brain to Earn More Money


As ridiculous as it sounds, it is absolutely possible to train your brain to manage your income better in the new year. Your brain perceives cash in its own way – to be more exact, in the way you have taught it. Now it is time to rewire your brain for positive money changes and here is how to do it:

1. Instruct your brain to work in your favor

When it comes to financial prosperity, your mind can work either for you or against you. When you do not challenge and instruct your brain, it becomes dull and lethargic and thus starts resisting any effort to change your money habits.

Learn how to keep your brain’s fear response in control and teach yourself the basics of money management on a daily basis. This way, your brain will get comfortable with new financial challenges and will motivate you to move forward rather than run away due to a fear.

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2. Shape your financial attitude

Neuroscientists have recently found that the brain keeps growing throughout life. There is a huge misconception about this fact, as people – especially those over 30 – believe it is too late to learn new skills or retrain the brain.

Regardless of your age though, you are capable of shaping your attitudes, actions, behaviors, and skills in a way that will help you reach your financial freedom.

3. Reconsider your financial perspectives

Everyone holds subconscious and conscious opinions on everything connected to finances. We often teach our brains to feel jealous of those wealthy and successful and feel miserable about our lives.

No matter how much money you earn right now, teach your mind to think positively about your financial perspectives and stop being jealous of those who already reached their financial goals.

4. Show your brain your purpose

Your brain should know the reason why you strive to earn more cash. If you fail to show your purpose, your brain will always have trouble solidifying the abstract connection between finances and your desires. Once your brain learns what money means to you, it will start working in favor for you.

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5. Avoid overloading your brain

Speaking of your desires, do not overload your mind with them. Perhaps you want to earn more money to buy a bigger house, a better car, or travel the world. The same goes for all those unnecessary stuff that you buy during the month.

By overloading your brain, you leave little to no space for your major financial goals, so keep your desires in control and manage your monthly expenses smartly.

Training your brain to improve your financial situation requires dedication, focus, and discipline, so do not expect instant results. You can’t become rich overnight.